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Is there any night that is more special than prom night to a high school girl? On their part, Indian fashion designers have begun incorporating these cape styles in their own ethnic designs bringing about the rise of ethnic gown, anarkali gown,lehenga choli styles and more. In 2017, luxury brand Balenciaga dressed its models walking Paris Fashion Week in platform Crocs ー the famously uncool rubber footwear of chefs and preschoolers.

And Fashion Nova can quickly produce looks inspired by new Cardi B lyrics, or an outfit she wears that goes viral. On the track She Bad,” off her debut album Invasion of Privacy, Cardi B raps about some of her favorite upmarket brands: she wears Off-White in church , she's a Balenciaga mama,” she loves getting spoiled with Prada.

A key part of Fashion Nova's saturation of Instagram feeds across the country lies in its network of about 3,000 social media influencers '” a constellation of fashion and lifestyle bloggers with tens of thousands of followers each, and sometimes hundreds of thousands.

Cardi B is rumored to make $20,000 a month with Fashion Nova and has a capsule collection coming this fall. Use this promo code to save 30% on these bestselling jeans in a range of styles and colors. Fashion Nova built its massive fanbase partly by satisfying its customers' desire for attention—sharing their selfies and shouting them out on Instagram.

Founded in late 2006, Fashion Nova, which maintains a handful of brick-and-mortar stores, packs most of its punch by way of its e-commerce site, where it adds up between 600 and 900 new styles every single week. As the marketplace becomes more saturated, the brand girl tries on fashion nova is looking to prove it can do more than churn out an endless series of disposable — and easily imitated — dresses, pants and tops.

Kylie Jenner and her sisters are known to be fans of Fashion Nova, for example. What has made Fashion Nova so popular has become the brand's way of doing things. The brand itself was founded and scaled by obsessing over what It Girls wear on social media, and churning out wallet-friendly designs inspired by their feeds.

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